Now I understand.

The church on the left is the church my father knew as a child. The traditional mass was spoken in a language that the children didn’t understand, the priests faced away from the people and the altar seemed other worldly; adorned in golden splendor.  Contrast that with the “church” on the right. This church, the church of … More Now I understand.

Feed your Focus!

An in-depth and honest time study would reveal that more than half of everyone’s time is wasted.  We each have goals – hopefully written in great detail. If hours each day are spent doing things that don’t move us closer to our goals – or on life’s necessary functions – we have some questions to … More Feed your Focus!

The Power of Progress

Strive to make even a little progress toward every goal every day.  If the goals we set are important enough to define, they must be important enough to pursue. Borrowing from the late great Stephen Covey, take time to schedule each goal as a priority in your daily calendar.  Over time we’ll be amazed at … More The Power of Progress

Shift Happens!

] In order to effectively attract and retain Millennials as professionals and as clients it’s helpful to understand how their generation, if not the individuals in particular, have grown up in dramatically different surroundings.  Remember that different does not suggest better or worse; just different. One thing that I have seen over the past twenty five … More Shift Happens!